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Welcome to Pedro's Angus. We are a cow-calf operation that takes genetics all the way to the dinner table. With steakhouse restaurants that serve only Certified Angus Beef® steaks, we understand the entire scope of the cattle industry. Our genetics produce some of the most outstanding Angus bulls available, and the steaks melt in your mouth.
Pedro's Angus Farm history started in the 1800s when great grandfather Barley Wagner was raising Shorthorn cattle. The family made the transition to Herefords, and then Dad (Nick Wagner) decided in 1950 that the future of the cattle industry was with Angus. Dad guided us away from the extremes in cattle and focused on gathering data. He firmly believed, "The integrity of a breeding program is measured by repeat customers." Our high repeat-customer business verifies Dad's philosophy. All of our sales are private treaty (sold at the farm) or through semen which is shipped internationally.
Today, Dr. Wayne Wagner, Animal Breeding Specialist, West Virginia University, provides us with an integrated, common-sense approach to genetic selection. Overseeing the West Virginia Bull Tests keeps him in the front lines of genetic improvement.
We strongly suggest that you visit us to view the cattle operation and see exactly how you can expect your new bull to perform. Matching one of our bulls to your exact needs allows us to provide the best guarantee in the industry: "If you are not satisfied with your calves, we refund your money." With our outstanding cattle, we can make this guarantee.
Thank you for visiting our Web site. Our welcome mat is out regardless of the size of your operation or your location. Neighbors and international friends alike are all encouraged to visit.

Bill and Bev Roe, owners
Michael Everett, herdsman

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